Our Mission

The EYE Inc. seeks to promote, develop and teach youth the principles of hard work, good character, teamwork, sportsmanship and discipline.

Massive Impact

Offer high quality, challenging active indoor/outdoor experiences and leadership development activities grounded in positive youth development theories and practices that reaches a diverse group. Build systems, spaces and processes to enable continuous program improvement and increased impact.

Empowering Young Excellence

Who We Are

The EYE Inc. seeks to improve the quality of life by offering educational and physical programs. In an effort to create well rounded individuals we want to facilitate the process of enhancing their lives!

Our Commitment

We support the commitment and passion of our members by providing maximum opportunity to participate in many different extracurricular activities. Our staff and volunteers invest their time and talent into each member to help them become their best possible selves.

Be a part of EYE!

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Introductory Experiences & Activities- youth gain new experiences they would not have the opportunity to otherwise. Youth gain confidence through repetitive activities over the course of a season. Youth build leadership skills through high-impact programming.